Wood Pellet 3 Oven Technical Summary

Wood Pellet 3 Oven Technical Summary

Running costs – Just £450 a year for cooking & heating your kitchen!  Compared to £1,190 for electricity?
We’ve calculated that, based on our typical usage values, your pellet cooker could cost just £410 to run a year for all your cooking requirements, plus heating your kitchen.

Number of days Hours per day of range use Heating temperature Pellet usage
100 10 200C
50 10 150C
100 10 100C
115 Cooking only
365 1.7 tonnes @ £265/tonne £450

Our figures are based on the following annual usage example:

  • 100 days @ 200C
  • 50 days @ 150C
  • 100 days@100C
  • 115 days turning on when required for cooking only (summer months)

Total usage: 1.7 tonnes a year @ £265 / tonne of pellets = £450 a year for heating & cooking

Many people with a range cooker and a log burner in the sitting room only use their central heating for the coldest 3-4 months of the year.

How does this compare to electricity?, There are 5 Kw hrs in 1 Kg of pellets, so in the above example 8,500 Kw hrs/annum are used, allow for 92% efficiency compared to 100% for an electric heater, then 7,820 Kw hrs of electricity would be use at a cost of around £ 1,190 a year!!!

But don’t forget you will reduce your main heating costs by about 6500 Kw Hrs a year, so if you are on oil, you oil bill will come down by around £370 a year. This really means your cooker cost just £ 80 a year to run and it CARBON NEUTRAL & Low emissions.

To operate the Thornhill Range Wood Pellet 3-Oven Range Cooker, simply add pellets to the hopper under the induction hob on the left and turn the cooker on. It can be set with a time clock to come off and on as required.

The wood pellet range cooker heats up similar times to an oil fired cooker, but from cold it takes an extra five to six minutes for the burner to fire. It then takes 15 minutes to bring the hot plate to 180C and 40 minutes for the oven to get to 180C. If the oven is already on at, for example, 100C, it only takes about 20 minutes to bring it up to 180C.

Depending on cooker usage, pellets are poured in from around three times a week to once a fortnight. Ash is easily removed with a vacuum cleaner (about once a month or every 100 hours of burner fire).

Pellet usage – Thornhill Range Wood Pellet 3-Oven Range Cooker

Oven temperature – oven left on continuously Pellet consumption Energy produced Thornhill pellet range runs 85% efficiency so actual energy produced Estimated monthly pellet usage based on running the system for 24h/day Hopper fill
180C 10 200C  2.4kw/hour enough to heat a 600 x 1200 double radiator  400kg  Every 2-3 days
150C 10 150C  1.75kw/hour enough to heat a 600 x 600 double radiator  295kg  Every 3-4 days
100C 10 100C  1.1kw/hour enough to heat a 600 x 600 double radiator  187kg  Every 4-5 days

The burner used is the best Swedish burner made by ECO Tech and is an under feed design. This is the most reliable type of pellet burner which is very popular in Sweden.  It has an extremely low carbon footprint.

Price comparisons
Oil produces 10.2 kWs per litre so if oil is 60p/litre that’s 6p/kW.

Pellets produce 5kWs per kg so if pellets are 24.4p/kg ( inc VAT & Del.) that’s 4.9p/kW, a saving over oil of 20%.

So if an oil Thornhill range cooker cost £240 a year to run then a Thornhill wood pellet range cooker will cost £190. You can service one yourself if you want to make further savings.

An oil fired Aga range cooker uses about £830 of oil (@ 40p/litre) plus 2 services a year @ £110 each Total: £ 1,050 a year. (See here for Aga range cooker running costs)

Aga Electric range cooker running costs for the 3 oven are about £ 1,456 a year with AIMS controller. (See here for Aga range cooker running costs).

CO2 Emission comparisons
We have used the following figures from http://www.carbonindependent.org/sources_home_energy.htm

To make 1kW of energy from electricity – 0.53kg of CO2 is produced
To make 1kW of energy from oil – 0.27kg CO2 of is produced
To make 1kW of energy from pellets, 0.016kg of CO2 is produced

Log wood is considered carbon neutral.

Range description Annual CO2 emissions
Oil fired 2 oven AGA range cooker 6.1 tonnes
Electric 3 oven AGA range cooker 6.9 tonnes
Thornhill wood pellet 3-oven Just 140kg a year!

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Wood 3 Oven Pellet Installation Instructions & User Manual

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