Wood Fired 3 Oven Range Cooker Technical summary

The Thornhill Range Wood Fired 3-Oven Range Cooker has a single air control, air wash, double glazing, 3 ovens and T3 clean burn technology. The air inlet can be connected directly to the outside, ensuring it is draft free.

Basic Installation Criteria

Wood Fired 3 Oven Range Cooker Installation instructions & User Manual

Bois 3 oven-French Notice d’installation et d’emploi.

Wood Fired 3 Oven Cooker side view dimensions

Wood Fired 3 Oven Range Cooker Connection to a chimney behind a wall

Building Regulations. Document J

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AGA Colours - Yellows
Thornhill Cooker Yellows
AGA Colours - Blues
Thornhill Cooker – Blues
AGA Colours - Reds
Thornhill Cooker – Reds







AGA Colours - Greys
Thornhill Greys
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Thornhill Greens

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