Wood Fired 3 & NEW 5 Oven Range Cooker

Wood Fired 3 & NEW 5 Oven Range Cooker

Wood Fired 3 or NEW 5 Oven Thornhill ECO Cooker.

The Worlds most efficient wood burning cooker.


There’s ample room in the three spacious ovens (all 20% larger than their Aga range cooker equivalent), and two hotplates that will take care of your pans. This cooker is so efficient, a 1kg log will last for over an hour, so a small basket of logs will easily take care of even the largest family roast dinner! The wood burns cleanly, leaving minimal ash and you can use logs up to 350mm (14”) long.

To find out more about Thornhill Turbo Technology (T3), and 90% efficient DEFRA clean burning wood stoves, visit Burley Appliances by clicking here. These stoves, designed by Graham Thornhill of Thornhill Range Cookers, are some of the cleanest burning stoves in the world and are cleaner than many catalytic stoves. They complement the cooker and can save you up to 40% on fuel on a conventional stove or wood fired cooker. See combustion video here.

New 5 oven with 3 wood heated ovens, 2 electric ovens, grill and 2 ring Halogen hob, launched

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Not sure about which fuel to use, see our cooker fuel guide page, click here.

The Thornhill Range Wood Fired 3-Oven Range Cooker costs just £5,950 including VAT, delivery to your kitchen and connection to a suitable chimney.

5 oven with warming oven and halogen hob £ 7,950 including VAT, delivery to your kitchen and connection to a suitable chimney.

5 oven with warming oven, halogen hob, 2 electric ovens & grill ( top oven)  £ 8,650 including VAT, delivery to your kitchen and connection to a suitable chimney.

Only extra available is, Mirror polished domes on lids £ 220.00 & induction in place of Halogen hob £ 120.00.

Included in this price is a 1 year parts & labour guarantee and a 5 year parts guarantee.

When we delver we bring along black gloss flue pipe and just charge for what is used.

The Thornhill Range Wood Fired 3-Oven Range Cooker is 1,000mm wide, 910mm high and 710mm deep click here for diagram with dimensions.

The 5 oven being 1,490mm wide, 910mm high and 710mm deep click here for diagram with dimensions.

Thornhill oven size: 357mm wide, 281mm high, 520mm deep. 52 litres.
Aga range Cooker oven size: 350mm wide, 260mm high, 480mm deep. 44 litres.

Guarantee : 1 year parts & labour, 5 years parts except service parts ( grates, liners etc.)

The Environment
Made in Canterbury, this cooker uses our patented Thornhill Turbo Technology (T3) engine and has been specially designed to burn as efficiently and cleanly as possible, giving you the lowest possible running costs. It runs at an efficiency of over 85.5%. When sustainable wood is used as a fuel, the cooker has a minimal impact on our environment.

It is so clean burning, it can be used in any city or town and has been tested to the highest DEFRA standard, a much more rigorous test than the CE European wide standard.

This is a carbon neutral way of heating and cooking, see our Click here to see our Electric page for details.

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Click here for all the technical information you could want!

The nearest cooker on the market to compare is the ESSE 990W @ £ 6,878.00 plus delivery and connection. If you used 5 tonnes of wood in a Thornhill you would need an extra 3/4 tonne for the ESSE. The Thornhill patented burning engine is not only clean burning but very efficient, saving you fuel and work.


What do customers say?

Good day Graham, 
Just a short mail for an update on my wood fired range cooker I bought from you more that a year ago. This is our second winter, and it is amazing, we have a really cosy kitchen. The unit is fired non stop for 3 months, then on and off for a couple of weeks, it normally gets a rest from September to April. 
Best kitchen appliance buy I have ever made, could not imagine my kitchen, cooking and life without it.
Best Regards
Dave Brown, Namibia


No bread baked yet but did the Xmas nut roast in it, delicious, happy Xmas and thank you for the cooker, as you can see the cats love it.

Best wishes to you and Frances

Benita and David (Northern Island)

 Dear Graham

Thank you SO much for bringing the stoves out; they really are fantastic and even better than I was hoping.

The two Burley wood burning stoves are astonishing – minutes after lighting they are throwing out masses of heat.

The 12 kw is fantastic in the big room – which has 3 outside walls and 3 huge french windows. It warms the sofas several metres away, as well as the room.  It is the first time I have ever used the room during the winter in 26 years!

The 8kw heats not only the sitting room but also the rooms off the passage.  It is incredibly easy to light, and rather than needing to be fed little and often, I feed it little and hardly ever! Last night I put a biggish log on it, sat and watched the mesmerising flames for an hour and a half, then went to bed. I didn’t look at it again till about 2.00pm today, and the stove was still warm and there were embers – and the room was still warm. So 14 hours with one log …

By contrast my La Nordica stove upstairs, which I constantly have to feed with several logs at a time,  I put to bed with 3 large logs at 1.00am and it was out and cold by 9.00 am.

I though I was being a bit ridiculous replacing an almost new Nordica stove, but the difference is absolutely fantastic. Only problem is I rely on bringing wood in to keep me fit; since the new stoves arrived I haven’t needed to once and I may have to join a gym.

The cooker is completely amazing: it looks fabulous and cooks like a dream – everything I have cooked in it has worked brilliantly, and I have been cooking non-stop! As you know it was hot enough to cook lunch 20 minutes after it was first lit.  It is so easy to get it up to temperature and keep it there.  Actually, having grown up with an Aga, I think it cooks better, and is easier to live with, because it doesn’t lose heat at crucial moments.

I was concerned as to whether it would heat my 10.5m x 4.5m kitchen, but I have never been so lovely and warm!

Although I work from home I realise that it would be easy to run even if I didn’t  – it lights so easily, and there’s no question of it going out or smouldering. and as for fuel consumption – it uses 9 or 10 logs every 24 hours to keep it at 200 degrees or above all day and still be just above 100 degrees in the morning.  It took a bit of getting used to, only putting in one log at a time and not adjusting the temperature, but it really works.  The person who supplies my logs may go bankrupt.


Many, many thanks again from an utterly delighted customer (for more, go to my Facebook page!).




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