Wood Fired 2 Oven Boiler Cooker Technical Summary

Wood Fired 2 Oven Boiler Cooker Technical Summary

Our innovative new design of wood fired boiler, using our patented Thornhill Turbo Technology (T3), combined with other innovations, makes this the cleanest burning boiler cooker in the world that does not require electricity or expensive catalysts.

Using about 2.9kg of logs per hour, the boiler will produce an average of 6.5kW per hour for water at an 82% efficiency rate and 3.7kW for the ovens and room heating. This will maintain a constant oven temperature of around 120C. To cook, simply push the baffle in and the oven temperature will quickly rise to 200C (or whatever temperature you choose), with a slight drop in the energy going to water.*

*These figures are tested when burning wood at the rate of 2.9kg per hour. That is roughly 30kg over a 10-hour day – about 4-5 tonnes a year.

For figures for the Rayburn 345W see HETAS web page here. There are no comparable boiler cookers in the Aga range cooker collection, except a bolt-on boiler for hot water for the oil or gas cookers.

Boiler system
It is worth carefully considering the type of system that is installed around the boiler. We recommend the use of a thermal store system to give you a linked or hybrid system that can accept energy from different sources. This will provide a fully automated system that is economical and simple to use, giving you hot water and heating when you want it, and not just when you are around to feed / light the cooker.

We can advise and supply all the parts required for your system, which can be installed by a plumber.

Please review some further points to consider when thinking of buyer a boiler-cooker.

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