Thornhill Wood Oven
Thornhill Wood Oven
Thornhill Wood Oven


85% efficient wood burning engine using the Patented Thornhill turbo system, this is the cleanest most efficient wood burning cooker available. Uses just 1 kg of wood per hour. The addition of the electric ovens, grill and hob make it the perfect all round cooker.

350mm side with fire box, 200mm back distance to combustibles
6” (150mm)


5 Oven Log Wood fired cooker with patented Turbo Technology*& electric ovens, grill and hob.

The Thornhill Ecorange 5 oven wood fired cooker is a world leader for efficiency (lower running costs) and emissions. This combined with a 100% renewable fuel make the cooker future proof as well as a delight to own and cook on.

This world leading cooker is so efficient, that from cold you can light the fire and be cooking at 180C is just 30mins. Then a 1kg log will last for over an hour, so a small basket of logs will easily take care of even the largest family roast dinner! The wood burns cleanly, leaving minimal ash and you can use logs up to 350mm (14”) long.

With 3 ovens and a double hot plate heated by wood & 2 extra electric ovens, a grill in the top oven and a double domino hob on the top this cooker cover all eventualities.

Each oven is 52 litres and all AGA Range Cookware fits our ovens. All 5 the same size @ 35cm wide, 28cm high & 52cm deep.

It is difficult to be highly accurate with wood burning cookers, but when running the main oven sits around 180-220C depending on your settings. The 2nd top oven will be 20-30 degree lower than this, and the lower oven 20-30 degrees lower than that depending on how long the cooker has been alight.

The hot plate is hot above the main oven 250-300C and can be boosted by pulling out the top slider.

The electric oven get warm 60-80C when the wood is burning, so can be boosted to cooking temp with the electric or used electric only in the summer. About 20 mins to get to 180C.

All this and still giving 3-5Kw of heat to the room. A nice cosy Kitchen on those dark winter evening, a glow from the fire and a glow knowing you are doing your bit. Put simply…


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Het stookseizoen is weer begonnen en met veel plezier maken we ons mooie Thornhill fornuis weer aan. Leuk om te zien dat ons fornuis op de website van Graham staat en op jullie website !

Deze winter willen wij graag een houtkachel plaatsen in een ander deel van ons huis; daarbij is ons oog gevallen op

The heating season has started again and we are happy to light our beautiful Thornhill stove again. Nice to see that our cooker is on the Graham website and on your website!

This winter we would like to place a wood-burning stove in another part of our house; our eye fell on this

Hans, Holland