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Runs via a time switch and thermostat, with a heat up time of around 40 minutes. The 3 oven pellet costs only £150-300 a year to run depending on how much you use it for heating the kitchen. Approximate running cost are just 15p/hr with the oven at 200C, giving you 3 Kw to the room. Also induction hob in lid.

40mm side with fire box, 200mm back distance to combustibles
5” (125mm)


3 Oven Wood pellet

The Thornhill Ecorange 3 oven wood pellet fired cooker is a world leader for efficiency (lower running costs) and emissions. This combined with a 100% renewable fuel make the cooker future proof as well as a delight to own and cook on.

Running via a time clock this cooker can heat up to 180C in about 40 mins, then it burns less than a Kg of pellets per hour, but can give up to 3 kW’s to room at 200C. The wood pellets burs cleanly, leaving minimal ash and you only have to top up the cooker every few days.

The 3-oven models have two generous sized hotplates and three spacious ovens (typically about 20% larger than an Aga range cooker**). The main oven temperature is controlled via a thermostat, the oven next to it will then be 30-40C cooler than the main oven and the 3rd oven 30-40 degrees less than that.

Each oven is 52 litres and all AGA Range Cookware fits our ovens.

All this and still giving 3-5Kw of heat to the room. A nice cosy Kitchen on those dark winter evening, and a glow knowing you are doing your bit. Put simply…


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I can’t tell you how much I love my range cooker, she’s worked beautifully since the day I turned her on.We had 12 for Christmas dinner and everything was cooked and kept warm to perfection thanks to the cooker, she is the heart of the house.