Why don’t you make a bigger oil condensing boiler model?

There are three reasons:

  1. There simply isn’t enough room. The condenser sits on top of a standard boiler and there just isn’t enough space. Boilers require servicing and it’s no use making a design that is nearly impossible to service. Parts must be accessible to clean and replace annually at a reasonable cost. We use standard parts that are readily available, and are serviceable from the front of the cooker without special tools.
  2. All newly built housing is heavily insulated and a 21kW boiler would be sufficient for any 6-7 bedroom house built since 2008. Older houses need more energy but we all need to fit condensing boilers to save costs, so we offer a separate boiler for little more.
  3. We can sell a separate boiler and a 3-oven oil fired cooker cheaper than cramming the boiler inside the cooker and you get the third oven and it can be a balanced/low level discharge flue. Unless you are incredibly short of space it’s cheaper, easier and simpler to have a separate boiler. Be careful – there is a lot of nonsense talked by sales people who do not have knowledge.

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