Oil specific FAQs

How much CO2 does a Thornhill Range make, compared to an Aga Rangemaster Aga range cooker?

Here’s another million dollar question, with confusion around and no clear government help or figures. Energy is measured in kW/h, but sold in all sort of units, kg of coal, litres of oil, litres or kg of LPG. Below is a simple conversion table. With...

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Why don’t you make a bigger oil condensing boiler model?

There are three reasons: There simply isn’t enough room. The condenser sits on top of a standard boiler and there just isn’t enough space. Boilers require servicing and it’s no use making a design that is nearly impossible to service. Parts must be accessible to...

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How many radiators will the oil condensing model run?

This is not a practical way of quoting boiler outputs, though manufacturers continue to specify the number of radiators. The output, and so the input, required from the boiler varies according to the size, from a small radiator in a toilet of about 300 Watts...

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I want to run my balanced flue through another room. Is this possible?

No, you can only go straight through an outside wall with a balanced flue. Also there are restrictions about what can be around the flue outlets. It’s all in Building Regs J which you can download by clicking here....

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How noisy are they?

The oil balanced flues are very quiet, just a rumble in the background. The flued models are always noisier as you can hear the noise through the steel flue pipe and it resonates a bit when inside a fireplace, so it depends on your set...

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We have an oil Aga range cooker. If we installed a Thornhill Range 3-oven and a separate boiler, surely it would use more oil than a 2-oven with a condensing boiler built in?

No, definitely not. Cooker / boilers are two separate units in one casing, so moving the boiler to a different location will not increase the fuel consumption. This is a common mistake. People think, as with a coal fired Rayburn, there is only one power...

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