Oil Fired 3 & 5 Oven Complete Control Cooker

Oil Fired 3 & 5 Oven Complete Control Cooker

Thornhill Oil Fired 3-and 5-Oven Range Cooker

Dimensions: 3-Oven 1,000mm wide, 5 oven 1,485mm wide, 910mm high and 710mm deep.


The hot plate will heat to boiling in just 4-5 minutes and the oven only takes 25 minutes from cold to get to 180C. This flexibility gives you amazingly low running costs – we estimate from as little as under £140 a year when used as a cooker or under £400 when used as a cooker and room heater. An electric cooker uses virtually the same amount of kW’s as an oil cooker, even though you might be told otherwise. ( electric cooker 100% efficient, Thornhill Oil 90%)

The 3-oven models have two generous sized hotplates and three spacious ovens (typically about 20% larger than an Aga range cooker**). We always recommend a nearby electric or gas hob with the 3 oven, for summer use and bringing to the boiler large amounts of water.

The 5-oven models comes with a 2 ring halogen hob, and as an optional extra the 2 extra ovens can be full electric fan oven and the top oven has a grill.

Not sure about which fuel to use, see our cooker fuel guide page, click here.

Thornhill Range Cookers Oil rangePrices: We have held our prices now for 7 years by careful cost control and selling direct to you the customer. Unfortunately as of Jan 2020 the following price list will be current. All order received and deposit paid by 10th Jan will be at the older price. Click here Jan 2020 price list.

Models & Prices:

Oil fired 3 oven Complete Control Cooker, conventional flue,             £5,950 including VAT ****

Oil fired 5 oven Complete Control with halogen hob, warming ovens.            £ 7,950 including ****

Oil fired 5 oven Complete Control with halogen hob, electric ovens & grill.             £ 8,650 including ****

I have added a 2 Kw fan element in the top oven with a grill at the top and a 1.8 Kw fan element in the bottom oven so they are controllable for summer use if required. See picture of hob layout.

Extras: Balanced flue, £ 600.00 inc VAT, Mirror polished domes on lids £ 220.00 inc VAT, Induction in place of Halogen hob £120.00 Inc VAT

Any of the above can be converted to run on Diesel/Gas oil/Gazole (France) for extra £285 including VAT.

**** Included in these prices is delivery, installation into place in kitchen, connection to an existing suitable chimney or we drill the holes & fit the balanced flue, 1 year parts/labour and 5 years parts guarantee*  (Export divide the price by 1.2 to get price crated and shipped to nearest port)

With a conventional flue, we bring along the gloss vitreous flue pipe (made by Midtherm) and just charge for what is used at the prices shown. ‘Gloss black flue prices

We supply technical support the whole way through and talk to your plumber or oil technician, fitters, electricians and chimney lining technicians, but we do not supply, install or connect the oil line.

*Subject to conditions. Please email for further details (include mainland England delivery, no flights of stairs & regular servicing by a qualified technician).

We also supply an oil fired 2 oven Complete Control balanced flue, Condensing 16/21kW cooker boiler: £8,950 oil 

or better still

We can supply a 3-oven cooker conventional flue and a separate condensing oil boiler up to a 38kW for just £7,400

or a 3 oven balanced flue cooker and a separate condensing oil boiler up to 38kW for just £ 7,850.00

Oil-Fired 3-Oven Range Cooker:  1,000mm wide, 900mm high and 710mm deep. Click for diagram

Oil-Fired 5-Oven Range Cooker: 1,485mm wide, 900mm high and 710mm deep. Click for diagram

Thornhill oven size: 357mm wide, 281mm high, 520mm deep. 52 litres.
Aga range Cooker oven size: 350mm wide, 260mm high, 480mm deep. 44 litres.

Guarantee : 1 year parts & labour, 5 years parts except service parts ( grates, liners etc.)

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