Thanks for the information you sent us. We are actually swaying towards an electric model for two resasons 1) no need for a chimney flue (which I understand costs approx €3000 to buy and install) and 2) Agacentric have an electric conversion kit that allows the Aga range cooker to heat up in 20 minutes. I have not as yet figured out what the kW consumption of the Agacentric model is, ultimately we want to purchase the model that is most economical to buy and run. If your kerosene (or electric) model is more economical than the Agacentric offer then we would definitely consider yours.

Hi Michele, All these cookers use about the same kW consumption – around 3kW per hour when at 200C. The faster they heat up the less you will use, because you can control the cooker better. So an Aga range cooker 3kW x 24 hours = 72kW a day. But oil is about 5p/kW and electricity about 12p /kW.

Oil Thornhill Range, Agamatic/New Aga range cooker electric say 2 hours/24hr at 3kW = 6 kW at 12p/kW electric, 6p/kW oil. But in winter you will need a radiator in the kitchen, if you use an electric cooker or you will be heating your kitchen at a cost of 12p/kW instead of oil at 6p/kW. It won’t make any difference is you have an oil fired boiler running a radiator or the Thornhill Range on as both are about 85-90% efficient. Is the site of the cooker on an outside wall/can you have a balanced flue oil? The flue costs then are only about £300! If not a chimney will cost about £1,250. Hope this helps. Regards Graham

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