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We have been looking at your Thornhill ‘Aga range cooker’ and read all the specs for a wood fuelled model. Can you let us know how long the stove will burn for if closed down and the fire box is full of hard wood?

Hi, a difficult question, and one that it is difficult to be accurate on despite what other people claim for their products. Wood has a relatively low calorific value, 1kg of dry wood is about 4.5kW as opposed to coal which is almost double that....

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I am looking for an easy to use cooker that doesn’t need too much cleaning and would go all night, 10.30pm- 7am on wood that I could get here. I haven’t got African lead wood or any other wonder fuel, but nice and dry. I only need 3-4 radiators as it is too hard to get the pipes in now. Not sure about water heating. I would need to check out relocation of cylinder. If a header tank is needed, it wouldn’t be much higher than the cylinder and we don’t want low pressure and throwing away a very expensive kitchen tap. Is there any chance or am I expecting too much?

Hi Suzanne, I’m sorry but you are expecting a bit too much. Wood is a difficult fuel to burn and to design burning systems for. It has different stages of combustion and requires a minimum temperature of 400C to burn properly. Then you want to...

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Thanks for the information you sent us. We are actually swaying towards an electric model for two resasons 1) no need for a chimney flue (which I understand costs approx €3000 to buy and install) and 2) Agacentric have an electric conversion kit that allows the Aga range cooker to heat up in 20 minutes. I have not as yet figured out what the kW consumption of the Agacentric model is, ultimately we want to purchase the model that is most economical to buy and run. If your kerosene (or electric) model is more economical than the Agacentric offer then we would definitely consider yours.

Hi Michele, All these cookers use about the same kW consumption – around 3kW per hour when at 200C. The faster they heat up the less you will use, because you can control the cooker better. So an Aga range cooker 3kW x 24 hours...

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Thank you, Graham, you’ve been really helpful! One last question, are there any independent stats comparing the efficiency of the economy range vs the Redfyre Warmfront or the Everhot?

Unfortunately some of the companies have been deliberately using bad English and have been muddling people up. Efficiency is the ratio of what you get out compared to what you put in – how many kWs the appliance uses to how many kWs you can...

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