Thornhill Range Cookers – Our Guarantees

Thornhill Range Cookers Ltd offer you exceptional quality British products, designed and built by experts with many years’ experience in the industry. All iron work is cast in Oxford and parts are enamelled in Birmingham to high specifications. Thornhill range cookers are designed and assembled in Kent. We do not own or use Chinese or Taiwanese foundries.

Our British style iron range cookers are built to last a lifetime and provide you with years of service.  More than just a cooker, an iron range is designed to heat your kitchen efficiently as well. A timer clock enables you to control the hours of heating and cooking giving total control, unlike other makes of range cookers which run constantly, wasting energy, polluting the atmosphere and costing you much more to run.

We are here to help you every step of the way, from giving you personal advice when choosing your range cooker, to expert guidance in installation and usage. We are always happy to answer queries by phone or email before and after your purchase. We do not anticipate any issues with your Thornhill range cooker once it is installed – we take pride in our products and in the unlikely event of any problems, we are committed to offering you our total support.

The Thornhill Range Company price policy is to try and include all the costs or at least be honest where there are extras. Our prices include:

VAT @ 20%, or 5% where appropriate (log boiler cookers), or zero VAT with export or new build. (multiply the price below by 0.8 if you live outside the EC, but remember you have to add local import duty, we do not export boiler models).

Oil fired 3 oven Complete Control Cooker, balanced flue or conventional flue, £5,950.00 + £285.00 for Diesel conversion.

Oil fired 5 oven Complete Control Cooker, balanced or conventional flue, £ 7,950.00 + £285.00 for Diesel conversion.

Extra’s: The only extra’s we charge for are the mirror polished s/steel lid tops. These are hand spun and hand polished 1.5mm stainless steel and cost £185.00 extra.

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