How close can I put cupboards and work tops to the cookers?

If you want to put wooden cupboards next to the cooker it is best to leave a 5-100mm gap and just put an infill panel in the front. Some people put cupboards right next to the cooker. We do not recommend this unless you at least place a piece of ‘masterboard’ or similar fireproof board (about 12mm thick) between the side of the cooker and the cupboard, to reduce the heat transmission.

Granite work tops can be brought right up to the black hobs, but we would recommend a small gap with wooden tops to reduce cracking. You must be able to lift the hob off for maintenance, so don’t glue tiles above them. Put the tiles on the wall and gently push the cooker back to them, then lift the black top back on. It’s very simple – no complex chrome bolts or adjustments.

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