Gas Fired 3 & 5 Oven Complete Control Cooker

Gas Fired 3 & 5 Oven Complete Control Cooker

Thornhill Range Cookers Oil range

Dimensions: 3-Oven 1,000mm wide, 5 oven 1,485mm wide, 910mm high       710mm deep. click for diag.

Thornhill oven size: 357mm wide, 281mm high, 520mm deep. 52 litres.
Aga range Cooker oven size: 350mm wide, 260mm high, 480mm deep. 44 litres.

Prices & models:

Gas fired 3 oven Complete Control Cooker, standard flue, £6,950.00 Inc.VAT ****
Gas fired 5 oven Complete Control Cooker with halogen hob, warming ovens, standard flue, £8,950.00 Inc.VAT ****
Gas fired 5 oven Complete Control Cooker with halogen hob, electric ovens & grill , £9,650.00 Inc VAT ****

Extras: Balanced flue, £ 500.00 inc VAT, Mirror polished domes on lids £ 220.00

**** Included in these prices is delivery to your kitchen, installation, connection to an existing suitable chimney or we drill the holes & fit the balanced flue, 1 year parts/labour and 5 years parts guarantee*

With a conventional flue, we bring along the gloss vitreous flue pipe (made by Midtherm) and just charge for what is used at the prices shown. ‘Gloss black flue prices

We supply technical support the whole way through and talk to you gas fitters, electricians and chimney lining technicians.

*Subject to conditions. Please email for further details (include mainland England delivery, no flights of stairs & regular servicing by a qualified technician).

Gas range cookers are one the cheapest options and run about approximately two thirds of the cost of wood pellet or oil range cookers, as the cost per kWh is much lower. Our estimated running costs for the gas-fired range cooker are between just £100 and £300 a year, depending on how much heat you would like in your kitchen. Remember gas is about 3p/kW, but electricity is about 12p/kW, and it takes the same no of kW’s to run, what ever the fuel.

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Dear Graham

We are absolutely delighted with our new 5-oven gas Thornhill range … It’s honestly the best home investment we have ever made and was well worth the wait.  It has not only transformed our kitchen but changed our whole outlook regards family meals and catering for friends. It’s an absolute joy to make family meals, to bake with (which has increased tenfold) and to air any laundry at night. Dishes cooked in the Thornhill range are definitely more delicious and succulent.   It’s such a pleasure to cook on and our sons are extremely keen to try out new dishes and lend a hand with meals far more than in the past given this wonderful new centrepiece in our kitchen. The induction jobs are a joy to use (really glad we took on board your advice).

We cannot thank you enough for producing this new 5-oven gas range version. It really has added extra warmth, enthusiasm and fun to our home and the quality of our meals keeps rising as we experiment with new ways to use the range.

Well done Graham and Frances  – after considerable research into purchase and running costs, practicalities and all round benefits – this is certainly the best there is on the market!!!

G & A Sutherland, Ayrshire, Scotland


I just want to say how delighted we are with our gas 5 oven cooker.  It is really economical and a joy to use after our old Aga.  Since we got your cooker I have started proper cooking again after so many disappointments with heat failing etc, etc with our old Aga.  My enthusiasm for cooking has returned for which I and my partner thank you very much.  Also the hand painted tiles of the cherries by your wife, Frances are gorgeous and match perfectly with the cooker.   I will forward a picture of the whole set up later.  Kind regards,

J. O’D. Sussex.


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