Electric Ovens & Range Cookers

Electric Ovens & Range Cookers

Electric ovens & Range Cookers.

Electricity is by far the most expensive fuel and the cost is rising, with subsidised Nuclear plants being constructed.

Grid electricity is also surprisingly quite a dirty fuel compared even to oil. Please see chart figures taken from the Carbon Trust web site  ****

Fuel KgCO2/100 kWh Cost per 100Kw
Grid Electricity 41Kg £ 135.00
Heating Oil @ 90% efficiency 27Kg £ 45.70
LPG@ 90% efficiency 21Kg £ 80.00
Natural gas @ 90% efficiency 18 Kg £ 44.00
Wood pellets @ 90% efficiency 1Kg £ 50.00  **
Log Wood @ 85% efficiency 0Kg Nominal £ 40.00  **

** This is bagged price, cost can come down considerably if you buy in bulk and live near a production plant

Other companies are selling electric cookers as a cheaper, cleaner alternative, but then quote running costs for just cooking. The whole point though, is to have a warm cosy cooker. Use the electric cooker for room heating and you’ll soon run up a £1,500 a year electricity bill, not to mention terrible pollution.

Even if you have solar panels, unless you have a field full, they are not enough to run a large cooker, and sadly you need the heat and cooking on a winters night when the sun isn’t shining.

Put simply, a Thornhill cooker is about 90% efficient, (I have allowed for this in the chart above) and so if you wanted the cooker on at 3 Kw for heating 14 hours a day for Nov.- March, a Thornhill cooker would cost you just £288 for oil or gas just £ 277.  But a comparable electric range cooker would cost you £ 882.00

With most electric range cookers, the cooker must be on low when not wanted, so the cost would be even higher!

For these reasons, I do not manufacture an electric range cooker, but I have concentrated on making the oil, gas, pellet and wood cookers as efficient and controllable as is possible, with add on electric ovens, grill and hob for summer use on the 5 oven models.

If you want to be Carbon Neutral, then the log wood option is the way to go, if you want am automatic, time Carbon Neutral cooker/heater then look at the pellet cooker. It more work than an oil cooker but a lot less than a log wood.

But if you do buy electric, please then remember to install a radiator in the room for heating, or you might get a shock when your first electricity bill arrives.


****  The explanation for this is very simple, electricity is not really a fuel like oil, gas or wood, but is a means of transmitting energy. The electricity itself is generated from oil, gas, coal, or some renewable’s, and usually at 40-70% efficiency. But there is further transmission losses around 10% of the energy before it arrives at you house (every heard the high voltage lines crackling and buzzing?). Hence for each Kw of energy burnt at the power station only 1/3 kW arrives at you house. So around 2.5 kW’s of gas would be used at the power station and you would get 1 kW of energy at you house, releasing .525Kg of CO2 in stead of  .204Kg’s if you had burnt the gas directly in your Thornhill range cooker.


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