We have successfully shipped cookers to Australia. You can do it as a personnel import. The price shown on the Product Pages say ‘3 oven wood’, is the price you would pay if you take the UK VAT of. To do this divide the price shown by 1.2. So a three oven wood will cost you £ 5,950 / 1.2 = £4,958.00.

Less than $9,000!!!!

This price is for shipment to your nearest port. The shipping company will help you with the paper work and you have to pay import duty and arrange and pay for delivery to you home.

We are able to advise and help with installation via email. We are happy to discuss installation requirements with you or directly with a contractor of your choice.

Please Contact us now for more details.

Please be assured if you do email us, we will not use your data for any other purposes other than to reply to your email. We will not keep you data or sell it to third parties. We only keep transactional  data when we sell a cooker.

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