Wood Fired 3 Oven Range Cooker

Wood Fired 3-Oven Thornhill ECO Cooker £5,750 Inc. VAT. Dimensions  1,000mm wide, 910mm high and 710mm deep. The Worlds most efficient wood burning cooker.


There’s ample room in the three spacious ovens (all 20% larger than their Aga range cooker equivalent), and two hotplates that will take care of your pans. This cooker is so efficient, a 1kg log will last for over an hour, so a small basket of logs will easily take care of even the largest family roast dinner! The wood burns cleanly, leaving minimal ash and you can use logs up to 350mm (14”) long.

To find out more about Thornhill Turbo Technology (T3), and 90% efficient DEFRA clean burning wood stoves, visit Burley Appliances by clicking here. These stoves, designed by Graham Thornhill of Thornhill Range Cookers, are some of the cleanest burning stoves in the world and are cleaner than many catalytic stoves. They complement the cooker and can save you up to 40% on fuel on a conventional stove or wood fired cooker. See combustion video here.

The Thornhill Range Wood Fired 3-Oven Range Cooker costs just £5,750 including VAT, delivery to your kitchen and connection to a suitable chimney.

Included in this price is a 1 year parts & labour guarantee and a 5 year parts guarantee.

We bring along the flue pipe and just charge for what is used at cost price from Flue Supplies

The Thornhill Range Wood Fired 3-Oven Range Cooker is 1,000mm wide, 910mm high and 710mm deep.

Thornhill oven size: 357mm wide, 281mm high, 520mm deep. 52 litres.
Aga range Cooker oven size: 350mm wide, 260mm high, 480mm deep. 44 litres.

The Environment
Made in Canterbury, this cooker uses our patented Thornhill Turbo Technology (T3) engine and has been specially designed to burn as efficiently and cleanly as possible, giving you the lowest possible running costs. It runs at an efficiency of over 85%. When sustainable wood is used as a fuel, the cooker has a minimal impact on our environment.

It is so clean burning, it can be used in any city or town and has been tested to the highest DEFRA standard, a much more rigorous test than the CE European wide standard.

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